Movies like The Burning (1981)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like The Burning, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Friday the 13th

    #1,875 most popular movie yesterday

    The classic slasher flick, 'Friday the 13th' laid the groundwork for movies like 'The Burning.' With its setting at a summer camp and a masked killer on the loose, fans of 'The Burning' will feel right at home with the suspense and the eerie atmosphere of Camp Crystal Lake.

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    2. Sleepaway Camp

    #1,879 most popular movie yesterday

    Another summer camp horror, 'Sleepaway Camp' offers a twist on the genre with unique kills and a shocking ending that has gone down in horror movie history. Its campy atmosphere and teen drama antics will appeal to enthusiasts of 'The Burning.'

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    3. Prom Night

    #3,904 most popular movie yesterday

    If you're drawn to 'The Burning' for its revenge-centric plot and slasher elements, 'Prom Night' is another notable mention. With a high school prom gone awry and a mysterious killer on the loose, the suspense in 'Prom Night' is a perfect follow-up.

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    4. My Bloody Valentine

    #4,142 most popular movie yesterday

    For those who enjoyed 'The Burning's' blend of holiday-themed slaying and brutal practical effects, 'My Bloody Valentine' presents a mining town haunted by a Valentine's day massacre. The claustrophobic mine setting heightens the tension, akin to the woodsy backdrop of 'The Burning.'

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    5. The Prowler

    #4,842 most popular movie yesterday

    Sharing the early 80s slasher vibe, 'The Prowler' sets its scene with a gruesome post-prom night spree. With chilling effects by the same master Tom Savini, who worked on 'The Burning,' fans will appreciate the artistry behind the scares.

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    6. The Slumber Party Massacre

    #4,908 most popular movie yesterday

    Full of 80s slasher tropes and dark humor, 'The Slumber Party Massacre' takes viewers back to a time when slasher films reigned supreme. Its low-budget charm and straightforward scares make it a must-watch for genre enthusiasts.

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    7. Madman

    #6,458 most popular movie yesterday

    Sharing the 'campfire legend turns true' trope with 'The Burning,' 'Madman' revolves around another murderous figure haunting a summer camp. Its cult status and similar setting create an almost seamless transition for fans looking for another camp-based terror.