Movies like The Fisher King (1991)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like The Fisher King, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Good Will Hunting

    #161 most popular movie yesterday

    Good Will Hunting is a poignant drama about a self-taught genius working as a janitor at MIT, who, like in The Fisher King, must confront his past and untapped potential. Fans of character-driven stories with an emotional core will certainly appreciate the similar themes of healing and redemption.

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    2. Rain Man

    #713 most popular movie yesterday

    Rain Man, centered around the relationship between a selfish man and his autistic brother, offers a similarly rich narrative and character development that viewers of The Fisher King will find both engaging and heartwarming.

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    3. Finding Forrester

    #1,248 most popular movie yesterday

    Finding Forrester, about a reclusive writer who mentors a young prodigy, echoes The Fisher King's elements of mentorship, personal growth, and the power of second chances in a story that's both uplifting and insightful.

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    4. Awakenings

    #1,256 most popular movie yesterday

    Awakenings, featuring the brilliant performances of Robert De Niro and Robin Williams, shares The Fisher King's exploration of the delicate balance between tragedy and hope as it tells the true story of a doctor's work with catatonic patients.

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    5. As Good as It Gets

    #1,407 most popular movie yesterday

    As Good as It Gets pairs an obsessive-compulsive writer with a single mother in a twist of fate, much like the characters in The Fisher King who are brought together by circumstance, resulting in a story that brilliantly balances humor and emotional depth.

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    6. Patch Adams

    #1,898 most popular movie yesterday

    Patch Adams features Robin Williams as a medical student who uses humor to help his patients heal. The blend of comedy with profound emotional moments resonates with The Fisher King's tone and central theme of redemption through human connection.

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    7. What Dreams May Come

    #2,180 most popular movie yesterday

    What Dreams May Come stars Robin Williams in a visually stunning and emotional journey through the afterlife, which, similar to The Fisher King, touches on love, loss, and the ability to move forward from tragedy.

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    8. The Soloist

    #4,802 most popular movie yesterday

    The Soloist tells the true story of a journalist who befriends a homeless Julliard-trained musician. Like The Fisher King, it delves into themes of mental illness and redemption, and showcases the unexpected friendships that can change our lives.