Movies like The Four Deuces (1976)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like The Four Deuces, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Once Upon a Time in America

    #589 most popular movie yesterday

    This epic crime saga explores themes of friendship, betrayal, and the pursuit of power. Its narrative complexity and portrayal of organized crime during the early 20th century offer a similar appeal to that of The Four Deuces.

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    2. The Sting

    #948 most popular movie yesterday

    The Sting is a classic caper involving charismatic con artists in a high stakes game of deception during the Great Depression. Fans of The Four Deuces will enjoy the clever plotting, period setting, and the dynamic performances of Paul Newman and Robert Redford.

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    3. The Untouchables

    #1,115 most popular movie yesterday

    The Untouchables features federal agent Elliot Ness as he forms a team to bring down Al Capone during Prohibition. The film's thrilling action sequences and exploration of law enforcement versus mobsters will entice viewers who like The Four Deuces.

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    4. Road to Perdition

    #1,708 most popular movie yesterday

    Set during the Great Depression, Road to Perdition involves a father and son on the run from the mob. Its atmospheric depiction of the gangster era and strong performances make it a good fit for those who enjoyed The Four Deices.

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    5. Public Enemies

    #1,719 most popular movie yesterday

    Public Enemies offers a glimpse into the life of legendary bank robber John Dillinger. It portrays the crime wave of the 1930s and the efforts of the FBI to bring him down, capturing the same gangster era flavor as The Four Deices.

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    6. Miller's Crossing

    #2,450 most popular movie yesterday

    Directed by the Coen Brothers, Miller's Crossing is a stylistic gangster film that presents a power struggle between two rival gangs during Prohibition. Its intricate plot and memorable dialogues will resonate with fans of The Four Deuces.

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    7. Bugsy

    #2,957 most popular movie yesterday

    This biographical crime movie chronicles the life of Bugsy Siegel, a notorious gangster pivotal in the development of Las Vegas. Audiences who appreciate the gangster-era backdrop of The Four Deuces will find Bugsy's narrative compelling and immersive.

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    8. Harlem Nights

    #3,289 most popular movie yesterday

    Combining crime with comedy, Harlem Nights follows a father-son duo running a nightclub while dealing with threats from the mob and corrupt police. Fans of The Four Deices might appreciate the film's humorous take on the crime genre set in a similar era.