Movies like The Guardian (2006)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like The Guardian, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Deepwater Horizon

    #198 most popular movie yesterday

    Deepwater Horizon captures the real-life disaster of an oil rig explosion, focusing on the courage of those who faced the unexpected danger. Audiences who enjoy The Guardian's combination of action and dedication to duty will find similar qualities here.

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    2. Backdraft

    #647 most popular movie yesterday

    Backdraft takes viewers into the blazing world of firefighting, closely echoing The Guardian's look at an elite group of rescuers. This film dives into the personal and professional lives of firefighters, emphasizing themes of brotherhood and sacrifice.

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    3. Sully

    #694 most popular movie yesterday

    Sully highlights the true story of a pilot's emergency water landing on the Hudson River, with themes of quick-thinking and heroism. Like The Guardian, it details the investigation and public scrutiny following the incident, offering an insightful look into the challenges faced by rescue professionals.

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    4. The Perfect Storm

    #781 most popular movie yesterday

    The Perfect Storm brings to the screen the true story of fishermen facing a monstrous storm at sea. Although centered around a different profession, the movie parallels The Guardian in its depiction of the struggle against nature and the high stakes of survival.

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    5. Ladder 49

    #4,492 most popular movie yesterday

    Much like The Guardian, Ladder 49 offers a heartfelt look at the lives of firefighters. The film spotlights the brotherhood formed within the fire department and the risks they take every day, which fans of rescue dramas will find compelling.