Movies like The Idolmaker (1980)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like The Idolmaker, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. That Thing You Do!

    #1,056 most popular movie yesterday

    Directed by Tom Hanks, That Thing You Do! captures the quick rise to fame of a 1960s pop band, much like the talents featured in The Idolmaker. The movie delights with its catchy title song and insights into the pop music scene of the era.

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    2. Dreamgirls

    #1,321 most popular movie yesterday

    Centered around the entertainment industry, Dreamgirls follows a trio of female singers who rise to fame, echoing The Idolmaker's themes of success and the personal cost that comes with it. The film's blend of music, drama, and the behind-the-scenes of stardom makes it a perfect follow-up for fans.

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    3. Walk the Line

    #1,597 most popular movie yesterday

    Walk the Line tells the story of Johnny Cash's rise to fame and his struggles with personal demons. Along with its strong musical focus, it shares an intimate look at the hardships and triumphs of a music icon's life.

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    4. Ray

    #2,129 most popular movie yesterday

    Ray portrays the life and career of the legendary musician Ray Charles, including his journey to stardom and the challenges he faced along the way. Similar to The Idolmaker, it provides a deep dive into the life of a musical talent.

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    5. The Commitments

    #2,330 most popular movie yesterday

    This film follows the formulation of an unlikely soul band in Dublin, Ireland, and their efforts to achieve stardom. The Commitments showcases the gritty, uplifting, and often humorous journey of musicians, resonating with themes from The Idolmaker.

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    6. La Bamba

    #2,616 most popular movie yesterday

    La Bamba is the biographical story of rock & roll star Ritchie Valens, featuring his swift rise to fame and tragic death. The film's focus on the making of a music legend aligns it closely with the narrative of The Idolmaker.

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    7. Great Balls of Fire!

    #4,210 most popular movie yesterday

    This film chronicles the life of Jerry Lee Lewis, known for his wild personality and energetic music, as he ascends into rock and roll stardom. Great Balls of Fire! mirrors The Idolmaker's exploration of the trials and glories of the music world.