Movies like The Upside of Anger (2005)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like The Upside of Anger, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Juno

    #593 most popular movie yesterday

    Juno presents a quirky take on family relationships and unplanned pregnancy with a sharp, funny script. Fans of The Upside of Anger will find Juno's unique blend of humor and heartfelt moments to be an enjoyable and touching cinematic experience.

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    2. Little Miss Sunshine

    #1,278 most popular movie yesterday

    Little Miss Sunshine is a road-trip family dramedy that combines laughter and sadness in a tale of personal triumphs. Its portrayal of flawed but lovable characters on a journey of self-discovery makes it a great companion piece to The Upside of Anger.

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    3. Terms of Endearment

    #1,647 most popular movie yesterday

    Terms of Endearment captures a mother-daughter relationship with depth, humor, and poignancy, qualities that echo throughout The Upside of Anger. Its blend of family drama and personal growth will resonate with fans looking for a similarly heartfelt experience.

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    4. The Kids Are All Right

    #2,660 most popular movie yesterday

    The Kids Are All Right presents a modern family tale with comedic and dramatic undercurrents, as seen in The Upside of Anger. Its focus on family relationships, identity, and maternal figures will resonate with those looking for rich character studies and poignant storytelling.

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    5. Spanglish

    #2,738 most popular movie yesterday

    Spanglish explores the intricacies of family and culture clash with a sharp wit, much like The Upside of Anger. The film's blend of humor and emotional depth will appeal to those who appreciated the nuanced performances and story in The Upside of Anger.

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    6. The Family Stone

    #4,095 most popular movie yesterday

    The Family Stone is a compelling ensemble dramedy that delves into the complex dynamics of a family gathering, much like The Upside of Anger. It juggles multiple storylines, offering both laughter and tears, making it a perfect follow-up for viewers captivated by character-rich narratives.

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    7. Pieces of April

    #6,320 most popular movie yesterday

    Pieces of April highlights a dysfunctional family's Thanksgiving reunion with black humor and pathos, much like The Upside of Anger. It offers an indie film charm that fans of character-driven storytelling and family drama will appreciate.