Movies like The War Between Men and Women (1972)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like The War Between Men and Women, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. As Good as It Gets

    #1,092 most popular movie yesterday

    Anyone who appreciates the exploration of the battle of the sexes and unlikely connections in The War Between Men and Women might enjoy As Good as It Gets. It features a misanthropic author who forms an unconventional triangle with a single mom and his gay neighbor, triggering growth and unexpected affections amongst them.

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    2. When Harry Met Sally...

    #1,291 most popular movie yesterday

    Exploring themes of compatibility and the enduring question of whether men and women can just be friends, When Harry Met Sally... delivers a blend of humor and romance in a style that viewers of The War Between Men and Women will likely find charming. The film chronicles the ups and downs of a pair's relationship over years, offering both laughs and sincerity.

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    3. Annie Hall

    #1,523 most popular movie yesterday

    Annie Hall delves into the nuances of male-female relationships with wit and introspection, much like The War Between Men and Women. With Woody Allen's iconic blend of humor and neurosis, the film follows the rollercoaster romance between a comedian and a singer, which is sure to resonate with those who enjoy sharp dialogues and poignant observations on love.

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    4. 10

    #1,688 most popular movie yesterday

    Similar to The War Between Men and Women, 10 deals with the complexities of male desire and the pursuit of an idealized woman, leading to a series of comic escapades. With themes of romantic obsession and midlife crisis, the film's blend of humor and pathos might deeply resonate with an audience seeking smart and slightly raunchy comedy.

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    5. Tootsie

    #2,110 most popular movie yesterday

    Tootsie's clever storyline involves a male actor disguising himself as a woman to land a job, leading to a comedic examination of gender roles and relationships. This parallels The War Between Men and Women in its satirical take on the misunderstandings and conflicts that often arise between the sexes, providing a blend of comedy and commentary sure to satisfy similar tastes.

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    6. The Heartbreak Kid

    #2,748 most popular movie yesterday

    In The Heartbreak Kid, much as in The War Between Men and Women, we find a character whose romantic life is fraught with humorous complications. This story of a man who hastily marries only to meet his true soul mate on his honeymoon combines comedy with the exploration of relationship dilemmas in a fashion that's sure to amuse fans of the latter.

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    7. Grumpy Old Men

    #3,445 most popular movie yesterday

    Grumpy Old Men captures the essence of comedic discord between its leads, similar to The War Between Men and Women. As two lifelong neighbors with a perpetual rivalry become even more entwined when a woman moves into their street, their antics and the evolving dynamics offer laughter and insights into the complexities of relationships.