Movies like Things Change (1988)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Things Change, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. A Bronx Tale

    #306 most popular movie yesterday

    A Bronx Tale is a coming-of-age crime drama set in the Bronx during the turbulent 1960s. It is similar to Things Change in its blend of mob life with personal growth and moral questions. Fans of Things Change will appreciate the film's exploration of loyalty and identity within the context of the Italian-American mafia.

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    2. Donnie Brasco

    #1,075 most popular movie yesterday

    Donnie Brasco delves into the relationship between an undercover FBI agent and his mafia hitman informant. Like Things Change, it offers a deep dive into the complexities of personal honor and betrayal amidst organized crime, resonating well with viewers who are intrigued by morally ambiguous characters.

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    3. Midnight Run

    #2,545 most popular movie yesterday

    Midnight Run combines action and comedy as it follows the cross-country chase of an accountant who embezzled money from the mob. Its odd-couple dynamic between a bounty hunter and his quarry, and the exploration of unexpected friendships, will appeal to those who enjoy the character interplay in Things Change.

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    4. Analyze This

    #2,727 most popular movie yesterday

    Analyze This is a comedy that features a mob boss seeking help from a psychiatrist to cope with his anxiety. The blend of mafia elements with comedic situations creates a similar tone to Things Change, offering another perspective on the inner lives of organized crime figures.

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    5. The Freshman

    #2,964 most popular movie yesterday

    In The Freshman, a young man unknowingly gets involved with the mob and is tasked with delivering a precious commodity. Its humorous and light-hearted take on the crime genre, coupled with themes of mistaken identity, makes it a nice companion piece for fans of Things Change.

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    6. Married to the Mob

    #3,256 most popular movie yesterday

    Married to the Mob is a romantic comedy that traces the story of a mobster's widow trying to escape the mob life. Its quirky characters and unique take on life adjacent to the mob will resonate with those who appreciate the lighter side of Things Change.

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    7. Bullets Over Broadway

    #3,752 most popular movie yesterday

    Bullets Over Broadway is a Woody Allen film about a playwright who is forced to cast a mobster's talentless girlfriend in his latest drama. It presents a humorous collision of the arts with the mob, similar to the unlikely character interactions in Things Change.

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    8. My Blue Heaven

    #4,438 most popular movie yesterday

    My Blue Heaven follows a mob informant in the Witness Protection Program as he adjusts to life in a quiet suburbia. Fans of Things Change will find the juxtaposition of crime world sensibilities with ordinary life both humorous and endearing.