Movies like Valiant (2005)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Valiant, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. A Bug's Life

    #797 most popular movie yesterday

    Another animated film where the small take on the mighty, 'A Bug's Life' follows an ant colony as they stand up to oppressive grasshoppers, echoing the courage and determination seen in 'Valiant'. It's perfect for audiences who love an underdog—or underbug—story.

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    2. Stuart Little

    #1,402 most popular movie yesterday

    The eponymous 'Stuart Little' may be a mouse, but he shares Valiant's big heart and sense of adventure. Families and fans of feel-good, animal-centered stories will find a lot to love in his charming escapades through the big city.

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    3. Chicken Run

    #1,434 most popular movie yesterday

    Much like 'Valiant', 'Chicken Run' is an animated adventure featuring plucky poultry, but in this case, they're chickens plotting their escape from a farm. The movie's blend of humor, heart, and action, paired with its stop-motion animation, makes it a hit for fans of underbird heroics.

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    4. Happy Feet

    #1,515 most popular movie yesterday

    While 'Happy Feet' features penguins instead of pigeons, its message about being true to oneself and the importance of community spirit echoes the themes found in 'Valiant'. The engaging music and dance sequences add an extra layer of entertainment for the audience.

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    5. Antz

    #1,704 most popular movie yesterday

    From the perspective of a small and often overlooked creature, 'Antz' shares a similar viewpoint to 'Valiant' by showcasing the epic journey of an unlikely hero. This time, it's an ant with big dreams, which will resonate with those who appreciated Valiant's soaring spirit.

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    6. Bee Movie

    #1,713 most popular movie yesterday

    Just like 'Valiant' highlights the contributions of pigeons during wartime, 'Bee Movie' brings attention to bees and their impact on the environment in a lighthearted, comedic way. The movie is sure to hit the sweet spot for those who buzzed with excitement watching 'Valiant'.

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    7. Robots

    #4,726 most popular movie yesterday

    In a world of mechanical beings, 'Robots' presents a story of innovation and confronting challenges much like the wartime feathered heroes of 'Valiant'. The movie's inventive animation and positive message make it another great pick for fans of animated adventures.