Movies like Waitress (2007)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Waitress, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Juno

    #593 most popular movie yesterday

    Juno shares a quirky sense of humor and a heartwarming story about a young girl facing an unexpected pregnancy with an authentic, personal touch. Like Waitress, Juno offers a unique take on the challenges and beauty found in the everyday lives of its characters.

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    2. Garden State

    #1,198 most popular movie yesterday

    Garden State delivers a story about self-discovery and the complexity of relationships, featuring a protagonist returning to his hometown. Its mix of humor and heart parallels the emotional journey in Waitress.

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    3. Little Miss Sunshine

    #1,278 most popular movie yesterday

    Little Miss Sunshine is a journey through family dynamics, individual dreams, and personal growth. It presents a blend of comedy and tragedy that fans of Waitress will likely appreciate for its depth and heart.

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    4. About a Boy

    #2,632 most popular movie yesterday

    About a Boy involves the evolution of its main character through unlikely friendships and life lessons. Like Waitress, it tackles themes of emotional growth and the unexpected paths life can take.

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    5. The Good Girl

    #3,013 most popular movie yesterday

    The Good Girl, starring Jennifer Aniston, is a dramedy that explores the life of a retail worker in a small town who feels trapped in her marriage and job. It resonates with Waitress' themes of searching for personal fulfillment and the complexity of human relationships.