Movies like White Chicks (2004)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like White Chicks, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Mrs. Doubtfire

    #1,062 most popular movie yesterday

    Fans of White Chicks will appreciate Robin Williams' heartwarming and hilarious performance in Mrs. Doubtfire, where a divorced dad disguises himself as a British nanny to spend time with his children, blurring the lines between deception and tenderness.

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    2. Hairspray

    #1,140 most popular movie yesterday

    While not involving undercover antics like White Chicks, Hairspray delivers a dance-filled storyline with ample humor as it tackles themes of race and body image, elements that fans of lighthearted social comedies might enjoy.

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    3. Norbit

    #1,205 most popular movie yesterday

    Eddie Murphy's portrayal of multiple characters in Norbit, including the deceptively sweet and hugely oppressive Rasputia, is akin to the Wayans brothers' transformation in White Chicks, providing audiences with a riotous exploration of identity and love.

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    4. Some Like It Hot

    #1,503 most popular movie yesterday

    Some Like It Hot is a classic take on cross-dressing comedy where two male musicians witness a crime and disguise themselves as women to escape the mob, leading to a series of hilarious and complicated situations reminiscent of White Chicks.

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    5. The Hot Chick

    #1,799 most popular movie yesterday

    Similar to the body-swapping antics of White Chicks, The Hot Chick revolves around a mean-spirited teenage girl who magically switches bodies with a small-time criminal and learns valuable life lessons while offering a bevy of laughs.

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    6. Tootsie

    #2,445 most popular movie yesterday

    Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie dives into a similar gender-bending comedy as White Chicks, where a temperamental actor disguises himself as a woman to land a role on a soap opera, leading to a heartfelt and humorous look at stereotypes and relationships.

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    7. Big Momma's House

    #2,605 most popular movie yesterday

    If you're up for another round of undercover comedy, Big Momma's House will not disappoint. Like White Chicks, it showcases Martin Lawrence as an FBI agent who goes deep undercover by transforming into a much-loved, hefty Southern matriarch.

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    8. Juwanna Mann

    #4,091 most popular movie yesterday

    Juwanna Mann captures the humor of White Chicks with a twist, as a disgraced basketball player disguises himself as a woman to join the women's basketball league, encountering both comedic moments and a fresh perspective on gender roles in sports.