Shows like 11.22.63
Looking for shows that are like 11.22.63? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • The Man in the High Castle image

    1. The Man in the High Castle

    #272 most popular show yesterday

    Set in an alternate reality where the Axis powers won World War II, this show explores the consequences of a different historical trajectory. Fans of 11.22.63's alternate history theme and its gripping storytelling will find The Man in the High Castle similarly absorbing.

  • Fringe image

    2. Fringe

    #489 most popular show yesterday

    Fringe explores the fringes of science and the supernatural, often delving into alternate realities and timelines. Like 11.22.63, it offers a complex narrative that rewards viewers who enjoy unraveling a deep and intricately crafted mystery.

  • Quantum Leap image

    3. Quantum Leap

    #641 most popular show yesterday

    This classic time-travel series features Dr. Sam Beckett as he 'leaps' into people's bodies across history, trying to right what once went wrong. Quantum Leap's blend of history, drama, and science fiction makes it a compelling companion to 11.22.63.

  • Timeless image

    4. Timeless

    #746 most popular show yesterday

    Timeless brings viewers along for a thrilling ride through history with a team chasing a mysterious organization intent on altering the past. Fans of 11.22.63 will appreciate the time-travel element and the team's efforts to maintain the integrity of significant historical events.

  • Travelers image

    5. Travelers

    #821 most popular show yesterday

    Travelers features operatives from the future who 'travel' back in time by transferring their consciousnesses into people of the 21st century to prevent societal collapse. Like 11.22.63, it examines the implications of time travel on personal lives and the broader course of history.

  • Castle Rock image

    6. Castle Rock

    #950 most popular show yesterday

    This psychological horror series, set in the Stephen King multiverse, shares 11.22.63's taste for the eerie and the inexplicable, intertwining characters and themes from King's fictional town of Castle Rock. It's a must-watch for those who appreciate King's unique storytelling style.

  • 12 Monkeys image

    7. 12 Monkeys

    #1,059 most popular show yesterday

    This series, based on the eponymous film, shares with 11.22.63 a narrative centered around the high stakes of time travel. With its complex plot and characters tasked with stopping a deadly plague, 12 Monkeys captures a sense of urgency and dramatic tension that appeals to fans of suspenseful, time-travel stories.