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What is Acapulco Shore About?

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Acapulco Shore
Acapulco Shore is a captivating reality-based television show that takes viewers on an exciting journey into the lives of a group of vivacious Mexican 20-somethings and their eclectic group of friends and hook-ups. Set against the stunning backdrop of Acapulco, a vibrant coastal city in Mexico, the series provides an unfiltered and unapologetic look into the wild and carefree summer adventures of these young individuals. As the cameras follow their every move, viewers are invited to witness the complexities of their friendships, the ups and downs of their romantic relationships, and the thrill of fleeting connections. Acapulco Shore is an addictive and compelling portrayal of youth culture, showcasing the vibrant energy and undeniable charm of Acapulco's iconic beach scene.
The first episode of Acapulco Shore aired on September 27, 2014 and the most recent episode to air was on November 28, 2023.