Shows like Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake
Looking for shows that are like Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Gravity Falls image

    1. Gravity Falls

    #63 most popular show yesterday

    Gravity Falls offers a compelling mix of mystery and comedy set in a quirky town filled with supernatural occurrences. Fans will appreciate the continuing story arc, multifaceted characters, and the series' ability to blend dark themes with a lighthearted tone.

  • Steven Universe image

    2. Steven Universe

    #490 most popular show yesterday

    Created by Rebecca Sugar, an alumna of the Adventure Time team, Steven Universe is a coming-of-age story steeped in magical realism and sci-fi. Fans of Fionna & Cake's unique blend of whimsy, heart, and adventure will find much to love in the tales of Steven and the Crystal Gems as they protect the world from cosmic threats.