Shows like Agent Elvis
Looking for shows that are like Agent Elvis? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Rick and Morty image

    1. Rick and Morty

    #69 most popular show yesterday

    Rick and Morty's blend of science fiction, dark humor, and unpredictable storytelling offers a similar offbeat charm that viewers of Agent Elvis might find compelling, especially with its adult-focused content and eccentric characters.

  • BoJack Horseman image

    2. BoJack Horseman

    #113 most popular show yesterday

    Following a washed-up TV star who is also an anthropomorphic horse, BoJack Horseman offers a darkly comedic take on fame, depression, and Hollywood, appealing to those who enjoy animated shows that mix humor with deeper themes.

  • Archer image

    3. Archer

    #229 most popular show yesterday

    This animated series teeters between the boundaries of espionage and irreverent comedy, much like Agent Elvis. Fans of Agent Elvis's blend of action and humor will likely appreciate Sterling Archer’s ludicrous yet thrilling spy adventures.

  • Big Mouth image

    4. Big Mouth

    #1,046 most popular show yesterday

    This adult animated comedy centered around the awkwardness of puberty features crude humor and celebrity voice actors, akin to Agent Elvis, and might just hit the right note for fans looking for more outrageous laughs.

  • F is for Family image

    5. F is for Family

    #1,268 most popular show yesterday

    Set in the 1970s, F is for Family offers a nostalgic look at family life, replete with raunchy humor and social commentary that could resonate with those who appreciate Agent Elvis's adult-oriented narrative and satirical bent.

  • Paradise PD image

    6. Paradise PD

    #1,493 most popular show yesterday

    With its raucous take on law enforcement and society, Paradise PD’s brand of adult humor and social satire could be a hit for those who enjoy the irreverent, adult-oriented comedy in Agent Elvis.