What is Angelyne (TV) About?
Angelyne is a captivating American miniseries that primarily focuses on the life narrative of the eponymous character, an enigmatic and voluptuous billboard diva from the 80’s, known for her self-promotion and modeling career. The series delves into the intriguing mystery surrounding Angelyne's rise to fame, providing a deep examination of the lengths to which she goes to in order to shield her genuine identity while creating a new persona. Concurrently, the narrative reflects the profound influence of Hollywood, illustrating how its glittering allure can transform ordinary individuals into captivating characters. With insightful glimpses into Angelyne's interpersonal relationships and a vibrant portrayal of the era's popular culture, the show succeeds in showcasing an extraordinary story of resilience and re-invention. It triggers a contemplation about our perception of identity and fame within our society.
The first episode of Angelyne aired on May 19, 2022 and the most recent episode to air was on May 19, 2022.