What is Angry Birds: Summer Madness (TV) About?
Angry Birds: Summer Madness is an exciting and vibrant animated comedy series that takes inspiration from the beloved video game franchise, Angry Birds. The show transports viewers to a tropical island resort, where the iconic characters Red, Chuck, Bomb, and the rest of the feathered crew enjoy their summer filled with adventures and fun. From thrilling escapades to hilarious antics, the birds find themselves entangled in a series of challenges and encounters with their notorious piggy adversaries. Created with meticulous attention to detail, the show boasts stunning animation that brings the world of Angry Birds to life. With its clever and witty humor, Angry Birds: Summer Madness promises to captivate audiences of all ages, providing a delightful and entertaining viewing experience.
The first episode of Angry Birds: Summer Madness aired on January 28, 2022 and the most recent episode to air was on August 25, 2022.