Shows like Are You The One?
Looking for shows that are like Are You The One?? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Love Island image

    1. Love Island

    #32 most popular show yesterday

    Love Island is a reality dating show that features a group of singles known as Islanders living in a villa, where they must pair up and win the hearts of the public. Fans of 'Are You The One?' will enjoy the strategic pairing and lively dynamics as the contestants maneuver through romance and rivalry to find love and win a cash prize.

  • The Bachelor image

    2. The Bachelor

    #81 most popular show yesterday

    The Bachelor presents a single man who is presented with a pool of romantic interests, which he must narrow down each week. Lofty romances, dramatic eliminations, and tearful confessions make this show a great follow-up for those who love the emotional and competitive aspects of 'Are You The One?'.

  • The Bachelorette image

    3. The Bachelorette

    #861 most popular show yesterday

    A female-led counterpart to The Bachelor, The Bachelorette also deals with a single woman and a group of men vying for her attention and affection. The show's focus on finding true love through a series of dates and rose ceremonies will resonate with 'Are You The One?' enthusiasts.

  • Temptation Island image

    4. Temptation Island

    #1,131 most popular show yesterday

    Temptation Island tests the strength of existing couples as they live apart on an island, surrounded by attractive singles. It's perfect for those who like the tension and drama of 'Are You The One?' as relationships are put to the ultimate test.

  • Bachelor in Paradise image

    5. Bachelor in Paradise

    #1,251 most popular show yesterday

    Bachelor in Paradise brings together former contestants from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette series, giving them a second chance at love in a resort setting. 'Are You The One?' fans will enjoy seeing familiar faces navigate the complexities of new relationships under the sun.