What is Baki Hanma (TV) About?
Baki Hanma is an anime series that embarks on the journey of Baki, a young fighter seeking to become stronger than his legendary father, Yujiro Hanma. As an adaptation of Keisuke Itagaki's manga, the show is the follow-up to the earlier installments of the 'Baki the Grappler' series. The narrative centralizes around Baki entering the daunting Arizona State Prison with the goal of challenging and defeating a convict known as Mr. Unchained, who is reputed to be one of the strongest fighters of the time. Toshiki Hirano directs the series at TMS Entertainment, bringing the gritty and visceral fight scenes to life. First released on Netflix on September 30, 2021, the show has garnered attention for its detailed animation of martial arts techniques and its exploration of the physical and psychological aspects of combat. The anime paves the way for character development through brutal tests of strength and endurance. The series is known for its exceptional choreography of fight sequences and the variety of fighting styles it illustrates, which is a testament to the diverse and intricate world of martial arts depicted in the franchise. With its intense and raw portrayal of martial challenges, Baki Hanma adds a deeper layer to the overarching storyline of Baki's relentless pursuit of power.
The first episode of Baki Hanma aired on September 30, 2021 and the most recent episode to air was on August 24, 2023.