Shows like Becoming Elizabeth
Looking for shows that are like Becoming Elizabeth? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • The Tudors image

    1. The Tudors

    #471 most popular show yesterday

    Dive into the scandalous and gripping reign of King Henry VIII, whose insatiable appetites and political maneuvers changed the course of English history. With a focus on the royal court's intrigue and drama, fans of 'Becoming Elizabeth' will find much to savor in the lavish production and complex characters.

  • Harlots image

    2. Harlots

    #1,090 most popular show yesterday

    Though not focused on the royal family, 'Harlots' provides a gritty portrayal of 18th-century London through the perspective of brothel owners and workers. The show's emphasis on the struggles for power and survival in a class-conscious society might resonate with viewers interested in the gender dynamics and societal issues highlighted in 'Becoming Elizabeth.'