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What is Bonding About?

Bonding list of episodes
Bonding is a captivating comedy-drama television series that revolves around the lives of Tiff and Pete, two best friends who reunite after years of being apart. The show takes audiences on an intriguing journey as Tiff, now a professional dominatrix, hires Pete as her assistant. As they navigate the unconventional world of BDSM, Bonding skillfully combines elements of dark humor, emotional depth, and personal growth. Tiff and Pete's strong bond of friendship serves as the foundation for the show, allowing viewers to witness their shared experiences and explore complex themes such as sexuality, relationships, and self-discovery. With its sharp writing and compelling performances, Bonding offers a rare and unfiltered portrayal of the human experience in all its complexities.
The first episode of Bonding aired on April 24, 2019 and the most recent episode to air was on January 27, 2021.