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What is Brews Brothers About?

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Brews Brothers
Brews Brothers is an entertaining comedy television series that takes viewers on a journey into the eccentric world of craft brewing. Set in Los Angeles, the show revolves around two vastly different brothers, Wilhelm and Adam, who are co-owners of a struggling brewery. With contrasting brewing styles and contrasting personalities, the brothers find themselves constantly at odds. Wilhelm is a traditionalist who values quality and the art of brewing, while Adam is more experimental, constantly pushing the boundaries of flavor and technique. As they navigate the challenges of running a business and competing with successful craft beer companies, hilarity and chaos ensue. The series dives deep into the craft beer culture, shedding light on the passion, creativity, and occasionally absurdity that goes into making unique and innovative brews. With a witty and clever script, Brews Brothers combines comedy and brewing in a way that is sure to entertain both beer enthusiasts and fans of comedic storytelling alike.
The first episode of Brews Brothers aired on April 10, 2020 and the most recent episode to air was on April 10, 2020.