Shows like Channel Zero
Looking for shows that are like Channel Zero? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Stranger Things image

    1. Stranger Things

    #9 most popular show yesterday

    While more science fiction than horror, Stranger Things' supernatural elements, character-driven stories, and a setting steeped in 80s nostalgia offer a captivating world that viewers who appreciate Channel Zero's stylized atmospheres may enjoy.

  • American Horror Story image

    2. American Horror Story

    #37 most popular show yesterday

    This anthology horror series presents a new setting and storyline each season, similar to Channel Zero's self-contained narratives. With a blend of psychological thrills and supernatural elements, fans of disturbing tales will find plenty to love.

  • The Haunting of Hill House image

    3. The Haunting of Hill House

    #323 most popular show yesterday

    Noted for its deeply atmospheric storytelling and character-driven horror, this series offers a complex family drama intertwined with chilling supernatural events, mirroring Channel Zero's penchant for emotional depth and eerie visuals.

  • Penny Dreadful image

    4. Penny Dreadful

    #802 most popular show yesterday

    This gothic horror series unites famous literary figures and immerses them in Victorian London, offering dense storytelling and intricate character arcs akin to the psychologically rich tapestry of Channel Zero.

  • Castle Rock image

    5. Castle Rock

    #925 most popular show yesterday

    Set in the Stephen King multiverse, Castle Rock weaves together characters and themes from King's novels, presenting a psychological horror landscape that should resonate with fans of Channel Zero's literary inspirations.

  • Creepshow image

    6. Creepshow

    #1,056 most popular show yesterday

    A horror anthology series inspired by the 1982 film and the classic horror comics that influenced Channel Zero, Creepshow features macabre stories filled with dark humor and classic horror tropes.