What is Copenhagen Cowboy (TV) About?
Copenhagen Cowboy is a Netflix original series that converges the genres of noir and supernatural thriller, introduced to audiences by renowned filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn. Known for his stylistically bold filmmaking, Refn returns to Danish-language storytelling with his first series since the completion of the acclaimed Pusher trilogy. The series trails the footsteps of Miu, portrayed by Angela Bundalovic, who possesses psychic abilities that are believed to bring luck. As Miu returns to the city of Copenhagen, she plunges into the depths of its criminal underbelly, driven by a quest that remains shrouded in secrecy. Throughout her journey, Miu crosses paths with a spectrum of characters, from the ominous Nicklas, a young man entrenched in mystery and spiritual powers, to the enigmatic 'Mother Hulda', a figure of influence within the criminal sphere. Adding to the intrigue, Miu encounters Rakel, an antagonist with powers akin to her own, setting the stage for a confrontation steeped in the otherworldly. Reflecting Refn’s signature style, Copenhagen Cowboy combines elements of crime, mysticism, and drama to weave a narrative that both captivates and mystifies, inviting viewers into the dark corners of Denmark's capital city, where the lines between the supernatural and the criminal blur.
The first episode of Copenhagen Cowboy aired on January 05, 2023 and the most recent episode to air was on January 05, 2023.