What is Delhi Crime (TV) About?
Delhi Crime is an Indian crime drama television series that revolves around the investigation of the horrific 2012 Delhi gang rape case. Based on true events, the show provides a riveting account of the incident and the subsequent police investigation. Set against the backdrop of the Indian capital, the series unfolds with a taut narrative that reflects the grave intensity of the crime and the challenges faced by the Delhi Police in their pursuit of justice. Through meticulous storytelling and brilliant performances, Delhi Crime offers an unflinching portrayal of the tireless efforts made by the police officers working against the odds to apprehend the perpetrators and deliver justice for the victims. The series not only delves into the procedural intricacies of the investigation but also explores the socio-political dynamics surrounding the case, highlighting the systemic failures and the collective outrage that sparked nationwide protests. Delhi Crime is a powerful and thought-provoking series that sheds light on the resilience and determination of law enforcement in the face of heinous crimes, fostering a deeper understanding of the complexities inherent in dealing with such cases.
The first episode of Delhi Crime aired on March 22, 2019 and the most recent episode to air was on August 26, 2022.