Shows like Doctor Who
Looking for shows that are like Doctor Who? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • The X-Files image

    1. The X-Files

    #234 most popular show yesterday

    Agents Mulder and Scully work for the FBI's X-Files unit, investigating unsolved cases involving paranormal phenomena. Fans of Doctor Who's blend of science fiction and mystery will likely appreciate the series' compelling storylines and complex characters.

  • Fringe image

    2. Fringe

    #442 most popular show yesterday

    This series focuses on the Fringe Division as they explore strange phenomena and alternate realities. Much like Doctor Who, Fringe combines speculative science with compelling character arcs, and its serialized storytelling can capture the hearts of sci-fi aficionados.

  • Quantum Leap image

    3. Quantum Leap

    #756 most popular show yesterday

    The adventures of Dr. Sam Beckett as he 'leaps' into different bodies across time to correct historical mistakes resonate with the dimension-hopping, time-travel aspects of Doctor Who, showcasing a blend of humanity and science fiction.