What is Escape at Dannemora (TV) About?
Escape at Dannemora is a gripping drama television series that delves into the real-life prison escape from Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate New York. Based on true events, the show follows the meticulously planned and executed escape of two inmates. Through its intricately woven narrative, Escape at Dannemora explores the complex lives of the escaped convicts and the relationships they form inside the prison walls. It also shines a light on the dedicated prison staff and the challenges they face in maintaining order and security. The series delves into themes of desperation, loyalty, and the moral ambiguity that arises in extreme circumstances. With its captivating storyline and exceptional performances, Escape at Dannemora keeps viewers enthralled and on the edge of their seats throughout its entirety.
The first episode of Escape at Dannemora aired on November 18, 2018 and the most recent episode to air was on December 30, 2018.