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What is Everwood About?

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Everwood is a captivating television drama series that was originally broadcasted on WB network in America, running for a successful four seasons between 2002 to 2006. The show takes place in the fictional small town of Everwood, Colorado, lending it an air of scenic enchantment and a distinctive sense of place. The heart of the show revolves around Dr. Andy Brown, portrayed by Treat Williams. The doctor, after the sudden death of his wife, takes the executive decision to relocate his family from New York City to Everwood. The move is anything but easy, both for Dr. Brown, who must juggle the responsibilities of single fatherhood and his medical practice, and for his two children. One of the key plotlines of the show is his tumultuous relationship with his prodigious son, Ephram. Along with the family drama, the series skillfully weaves in an array of subplots involving the townsfolk, their interpersonal relationships, and their navigation of love and loss. With a considered blend of drama and fantasy, Everwood offers viewers a poignant exploration of family dynamics and emotional growth.
The first episode of Everwood aired on September 16, 2002 and the most recent episode to air was on June 05, 2006.