What is Ferry: The Series (TV) About?
Ferry: The Series is a gripping crime drama centered on the character Ferry Bouman, a resourceful individual involved in the complex webs of illegal activities in Brabant. The show opens up as Ferry is strapped for cash and searching for new avenues to restore his financial standing. His fortunes take a potential turn when a significant police bust upsets the balance within the local narcotics scene, leaving a void in the upper echelons of the region's drug trafficking network. This series chronicles Ferry's experiences as he navigates the dangerous and volatile world of crime, where trust is scarce, and betrayal is commonplace. Ferry: The Series offers a gritty portrayal of the lengths to which one man will go in pursuit of power and prosperity against the backdrop of organized crime.
The first episode of Ferry: The Series aired on November 03, 2023 and the most recent episode to air was on November 03, 2023.