What is Future Man (TV) About?
Future Man is an exciting and comedic television series that centers around the life of Josh Futterman, a janitor at a research facility by day and an expert gamer by night. His world takes an unexpected turn when he manages to complete a legendary video game that was believed to be unbeatable. Soon after, two characters from the game, Tiger and Wolf, materialize in his room. As it turns out, this game was actually a recruitment tool sent from the future to find the savior who can prevent the extinction of humanity. Josh is chosen for this pivotal role, and he embarks on a thrilling time-traveling adventure. With Tiger and Wolf as his guides, they journey through different eras, confronting unexpected challenges, and interacting with various historical figures. Along the way, the show cleverly explores themes such as destiny, personal growth, and the significance of seemingly ordinary individuals who have the power to change the course of history. Future Man combines elements of comedy, action, and science fiction to create an entertaining and thought-provoking narrative that keeps audiences engaged and eager to discover what lies ahead for Josh and the fate of humanity.
The first episode of Future Man aired on November 14, 2017 and the most recent episode to air was on April 03, 2020.