Shows like Ghosted
Looking for shows that are like Ghosted? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine image

    1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    #37 most popular show yesterday

    Though primarily a police sitcom, Brooklyn Nine-Nine shares Ghosted's comedic tone and ensemble cast charm. The chemistry and banter among the characters make it a great pick for viewers looking for more workplace humor with a group of quirky, dedicated professionals.

  • Psych image

    2. Psych

    #158 most popular show yesterday

    Psych follows a hyper-observant consultant and his best friend as they solve crimes under the pretense of psychic abilities. The series thrives on comedy and camaraderie similar to Ghosted, while offering viewers a slew of mysteries and an endearing bromance.

  • The X-Files image

    3. The X-Files

    #226 most popular show yesterday

    With a blend of paranormal investigation and government conspiracies, The X-Files is an iconic series that set the benchmark for the genre. Fans of Ghosted will appreciate the mixture of mystery, horror, and moments of levity between the show’s protagonists, Mulder and Scully.

  • Chuck image

    4. Chuck

    #809 most popular show yesterday

    Combining spy-genre thrills with workplace comedy, Chuck tells the tale of a hapless electronics store employee who becomes a government asset. Fans of Ghosted's blend of action and humor will find a similar balance here, along with engaging character dynamics.

  • Santa Clarita Diet image

    5. Santa Clarita Diet

    #1,088 most popular show yesterday

    Blending suburban life with the supernatural, Santa Clarita Diet offers a darkly comedic take on a family dealing with one of their own becoming a zombie. Like Ghosted, it provides a humorous spin on a genre typically mired in horror and suspense.

  • People of Earth image

    6. People of Earth

    #1,953 most popular show yesterday

    This show focuses on a support group for alien abductees and strikes a similar tone to Ghosted with its lighthearted approach to extraterrestrial encounters. Like Ghosted, People of Earth offers both laughs and a touch of mystery as it delves into the unknown.