What is GLOW (TV) About?
GLOW is a comedy-drama television series that premiered on Netflix. Set in the 1980s, the show revolves around a group of misfit women who find themselves entering the world of professional wrestling. Inspired by the real-life Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW) promotion, the series offers a humorous and heartwarming exploration of the lives and experiences of these female wrestlers. As the women navigate the challenges and stereotypes inherent in the male-dominated wrestling industry, the show delves into themes of female empowerment, friendship, and self-discovery. With its vibrant cast of characters and clever mix of comedy and drama, GLOW provides an entertaining and nostalgic journey into the world of 80s wrestling.
The first episode of GLOW aired on June 23, 2017 and the most recent episode to air was on August 09, 2019.