What is Head of the Class (TV) About?
Head of the Class is a popular sitcom that aired on ABC from 1986 to 1991. Created by Rich Eustis and Michael Elias, the show centers around a diverse group of gifted high school students attending the prestigious Millard Fillmore High School in Manhattan, New York City. The ensemble cast includes talented actors such as Howard Hesseman, who plays the role of their unconventional and inspiring teacher, Charlie Moore. The series follows the students as they navigate the challenges of advanced education while also dealing with typical teenage issues such as peer pressure, relationships, and self-discovery. Head of the Class skillfully blends comedy with thought-provoking storylines, providing both laughs and deep emotional moments. Throughout its six seasons, the show gained a devoted fanbase and received critical acclaim for its humorous yet insightful exploration of the pressures faced by academically gifted students.
The first episode of Head of the Class aired on November 04, 2021 and the most recent episode to air was on November 04, 2021.