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What is Heels About?

Heels list of episodes
Heels is a captivating dramatic series that delves into the rustic heart of small-town Georgia and the entrancing world of professional wrestling. The story enmeshes audiences within the Spade family, chiefly the two brothers Jack and Ace. Jack, a charismatic villain, or 'heel', in the ring, is hard-nosed and driven in his pursuit of alleviating the wrestling promotion league that his father left him. His brother Ace, viewed as the star 'face' or hero, struggles with his own ambitions of reaching wrestling stardom. As the siblings grapple with the business, their characters, and their personal lives, the narrative showcases the personas they adopt in and out of the ring. Heels explores the raw grit of wrestling, familial bonds and discord, and the gripping reality beneath the facade of the entertainment industry.
The first episode of Heels aired on August 15, 2021 and the most recent episode to air was on September 15, 2023.