Shows like Home Economics
Looking for shows that are like Home Economics? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Modern Family image

    1. Modern Family

    #125 most popular show yesterday

    Modern Family is a mockumentary family sitcom that delves into the lives of a diverse family setup, which includes a couple navigating a significant age gap, a gay couple, and the traditional family unit. Fans of Home Economics will appreciate the heartwarming humor and relatable family dynamics.

  • The Middle image

    2. The Middle

    #345 most popular show yesterday

    With a focus on a lower-middle-class family living in Indiana, The Middle offers an honest and humorous portrayal of family life. Its relatable struggles and quirky characters will resonate with fans of Home Economics.

  • Fresh Off the Boat image

    3. Fresh Off the Boat

    #761 most popular show yesterday

    Set in the 1990s, Fresh Off the Boat follows a Taiwanese-American family adjusting to life in Orlando, Florida. The show offers a mix of cultural experiences and family dynamics that viewers who like the socioeconomic aspects of Home Economics would enjoy.

  • American Housewife image

    4. American Housewife

    #779 most popular show yesterday

    Starring Katy Mixon, American Housewife focuses on a confident, unapologetic mother raising her flawed family in a wealthy town filled with perfect wives and their perfect offspring. Its comedic take on family life and class differences aligns it with Home Economics.

  • Life in Pieces image

    5. Life in Pieces

    #992 most popular show yesterday

    Life in Pieces is a comedy told from the perspective of different members of a large family. It showcases life's awkward and heartfelt moments in a narrative style that Home Economics viewers might find both innovative and amusing.

  • Single Parents image

    6. Single Parents

    #1,689 most popular show yesterday

    This sitcom is about a group of single parents who help each other survive the chaos of raising children. Its blend of humor and emotional moments can be a great fit for those who enjoy the family-centric storylines of Home Economics.