What is Howards End (TV) About?
Howards End is a British-American television drama series that offers a deep dive into the social and class divisions in England during the early 20th century. Adapted from E. M. Forster's classic 1910 novel by screenwriter Kenneth Lonergan, the series provides an insightful look at the era's shifting dynamics through the interconnected stories of three families—the wealthy and pragmatic Wilcoxes, the intellectual and altruistic Schlegels, and the aspirational, though economically challenged, Basts. Starring Hayley Atwell as the headstrong Margaret Schlegel and Matthew Macfadyen as the business-minded Henry Wilcox, alongside a supporting cast that includes Philippa Coulthard, Joseph Quinn, and Alex Lawther, Howards End captures the nuanced relationships and overlapping classes during this period. Directed by Hettie MacDonald, this four-episode miniseries was broadcast by BBC One in the UK and Starz in the US, blending a rich period setting with themes of romance, regret, and social commentary to present a tapestry that is as complex as the era it depicts. Through its intricate narrative and detailed character studies, Howards End examines the ideals of love, property, and legacy, reflecting Forster's original tome's contemplation of a society on the brink of modernity.
The first episode of Howards End aired on November 12, 2017 and the most recent episode to air was on December 03, 2017.