What is Initial D (TV) About?
Initial D is a Japanese anime series that merges the worlds of illegal street racing with the coming-of-age narrative of Takumi Fujiwara, a seemingly average high school student with unparalleled driving abilities. Developed from the routine of delivering tofu for his father's business, Takumi's technique and understanding of the winding mountain roads have gone unnoticed until he is inadvertently drawn into the local racing scene. Behind the wheel of his Toyota Sprinter Trueno, commonly referred to as the Eight-Six, Takumi inadvertently defeats a street racing veteran, capturing the attention of the regional racing scene. As his anonymity fades, challengers from across the region emerge, each seeking to test their skills against the new racing prodigy. Throughout the series, viewers follow Takumi as he navigates the complexities of his personal life, romantic interests, and his burgeoning racing career. The story unfolds over several stages, with each episode termed as an 'Act', adding depth to Takumi's world and the underground culture of street racing. As the series progresses, Takumi must confront not just his opponents on the asphalt, but also the internal struggle of defining his own identity and ambitions in the world of competitive racing.
The first episode of Initial D aired on April 18, 1998 and the most recent episode to air was on June 22, 2014.