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What is Jeopardy! About?

Jeopardy! list of episodes
Jeopardy! is an iconic American television game show that has captured the hearts and minds of audiences since its debut in 1964. Hosted by the legendary Alex Trebek until his passing in 2020, the show has consistently challenged contestants' knowledge across a wide range of topics, earning its reputation as the ultimate test of mental agility. The format of the show is distinctively unique, with contestants buzzing in to provide the corresponding question for the answers given by the host in various categories. The game consists of three rounds, each with a different set of clues, allowing contestants to accumulate money for each correct response. However, the stakes are raised in the final round called Final Jeopardy, where players can wager their winnings in an all-or-nothing challenge. With its suspenseful gameplay and captivating trivia, Jeopardy! has become a cultural phenomenon, inspiring countless contestants and viewers alike to expand their knowledge and embrace the thrill of competition.
The first episode of Jeopardy! aired on September 10, 1984 and the most recent episode to air was on November 27, 2023.