What is Jewish Matchmaking (TV) About?
‘Jewish Matchmaking’ is a television series centered on the efforts of Aleeza Ben Shalom, a matchmaker who specializes in helping Jewish singles find potential life partners. The show depicts a variety of individuals from varying backgrounds within the Jewish community, including those from different regions such as the United States and Israel. Throughout the series, Ben Shalom works closely with clients to understand their values, traditions, and relationship goals. With a deep respect for Jewish culture and religious customs, she navigates the complexities of faith-based matchmaking. The series not only offers a glimpse into the nuances of Jewish dating but also explores the personal journeys of singles seeking meaningful connections. Each episode aims to pair individuals who are ready for a serious relationship, emphasizing the unique aspect of matchmaking within a cultural and often traditional context.’
The first episode of Jewish Matchmaking aired on May 03, 2023 and the most recent episode to air was on May 03, 2023.