Shows like Joe Pickett
Looking for shows that are like Joe Pickett? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Yellowstone image

    1. Yellowstone

    #15 most popular show yesterday

    Centered on a ranching family in Montana facing off against encroaching forces, 'Yellowstone' brings a modern Western vibe that's compelling and complex. Viewers who enjoy the rural setting and family dynamics of 'Joe Pickett' will find 'Yellowstone's' intense drama and power struggles inviting.

  • Outer Range image

    2. Outer Range

    #132 most popular show yesterday

    With its mysterious ranch setting and supernatural elements, 'Outer Range' offers a blend of Western, suspense, and sci-fi. Admirers of 'Joe Pickett's' rural atmosphere and explorations of family will enjoy the tense and enigmatic storytelling.

  • Ozark image

    3. Ozark

    #265 most popular show yesterday

    The Byrde family's descent into the criminal underworld and their attempts to navigate life within the Ozarks is filled with tension and dark twists. Viewers who are drawn to 'Joe Pickett's' mix of family drama and crime will find 'Ozark' utterly binge-worthy.

  • Justified image

    4. Justified

    #354 most popular show yesterday

    Featuring a U.S. Marshal with a strong sense of justice and a particular way of doing things, 'Justified' takes viewers into the heart of Kentucky. Its clever writing and unique character dynamics make it a must-watch for fans who enjoy 'Joe Pickett's' combination of law enforcement and personal drama.

  • The Sinner image

    5. The Sinner

    #574 most popular show yesterday

    This crime anthology series delves deep into the psychology behind different homicides. While it's not set in the rural West, 'The Sinner' will intrigue 'Joe Pickett' fans with its complex characters and exploration of motives, through a law enforcement lens.

  • Bosch image

    6. Bosch

    #615 most popular show yesterday

    This police procedural series follows Harry Bosch, a homicide detective in Los Angeles, as he solves complex cases. Fans attracted to 'Joe Pickett's' investigative narrative and the protagonist's dedication to justice will find a similar spirit in 'Bosch.

  • Longmire image

    7. Longmire

    #793 most popular show yesterday

    Set in the rural town of Absaroka County, Wyoming, 'Longmire' follows the life of a widowed sheriff as he battles crime and corruption. Fans of 'Joe Pickett' will appreciate the show's blend of crime-drama with Western themes and its strong, silent protagonist.