What is La Brea (TV) About?
La Brea is an American science fiction drama television series that delves into the chaotic aftermath of a mysterious sinkhole that appears in Los Angeles. The event causes hundreds of people and buildings to vanish into the ground, plunging the victims into a primeval environment filled with perils and unexplained occurrences. As those who fall into the chasm face life-threatening challenges, family bonds are put to the ultimate test. The central storyline revolves around one family that is split by the disaster; they must navigate both the strange world below and the desperate quest for answers above to find a way back to each other. The series explores themes of survival, mystery, and human resilience. While the survivors in the primeval land work together to endure amidst prehistoric dangers, those on the surface engage in a frantic search to uncover the truth behind the sinkhole's formation. Created and executive produced by David Appelbaum, La Brea's narrative unfolds through the intertwining of the subterranean struggle for survival with the scientific and emotional journey of those on the surface, painting a dual portrait of a family in search of reconciliation and a community confronted with the unknown.
The first episode of La Brea aired on September 28, 2021 and the most recent episode to air was on February 13, 2024.