Shows like Landscapers
Looking for shows that are like Landscapers? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • True Detective image

    1. True Detective

    #102 most popular show yesterday

    True Detective, particularly its acclaimed first season, provides a gritty and philosophical take on the detective genre. Its heavy emphasis on character development and dark themes aligns well with what enthusiasts of Landscapers enjoy in complex crime dramas.

  • Fargo image

    2. Fargo

    #124 most popular show yesterday

    Fargo offers a blend of dark comedy and crime within an anthology format, each season presenting a new story with intricate plots and morally ambiguous characters, akin to the storytelling style of Landscapers.

  • The Act image

    3. The Act

    #139 most popular show yesterday

    This true crime anthology series delves into peculiar criminal cases with intense mother-daughter dynamics, mirroring the intense character-driven narrative found in Landscapers. Viewers who appreciate the deep psychological insight into its characters in Landscapers will be fascinated by The Act.

  • The Outsider image

    4. The Outsider

    #284 most popular show yesterday

    Based on Stephen King’s novel, The Outsider balances supernatural elements with a compelling murder investigation, offering Landscapers fans another series that skilfully merges crime drama with unexpected twists.

  • Sharp Objects image

    5. Sharp Objects

    #383 most popular show yesterday

    This psychological thriller revolving around crime, family secrets, and a complex female protagonist will attract Landscapers' audience through its haunting atmosphere and slow-burn narrative.

  • Unbelievable image

    6. Unbelievable

    #653 most popular show yesterday

    A gripping miniseries about the investigation of a series of related crimes and the personal stories entangled within it, Unbelievable presents a grounded and emotional approach to detective work that fans of Landscapers will likely appreciate.

  • American Crime Story image

    7. American Crime Story

    #665 most popular show yesterday

    This anthological series dramatizes true crimes that captured the American public's attention, offering deep dives into the stories behind notorious cases with the same type of detailed storytelling seen in Landscapers.