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What is Lockwood & Co. About?

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Lockwood & Co.
Lockwood & Co. is an exciting and compelling TV show that brings to life the beloved book series written by Jonathan Stroud. The show is set in a hauntingly atmospheric version of London, where the city is plagued by restless spirits and ghostly phenomena. Viewers are introduced to the enigmatic Lockwood & Co., a team of talented young ghost hunters who safeguard the citizens from supernatural terrors. Led by the charismatic and resourceful Anthony Lockwood, the team members possess unique psychic abilities and employ an impressive arsenal of tools specifically designed to combat supernatural entities. As the show progresses, audiences delve deeper into the mysteries of the ghostly realm and witness the team's development, both personally and professionally. The dynamic and witty interactions among the characters add depth to the gripping plotlines, while the seamless blend of suspense, humor, and horror keeps viewers captivated. Lockwood & Co. is a must-watch for fans of the book series and anyone who enjoys thrilling, supernatural stories that are both eerie and entertaining.
The first episode of Lockwood & Co. aired on January 27, 2023 and the most recent episode to air was on January 27, 2023.