What is Minx (TV) About?
Minx is an American comedy television series conceptualized by Ellen Rapoport. It follows the story of an ambitious and idealistic young feminist, Joyce Prigger, portrayed by Ophelia Lovibond, who teams up with a scruffy publisher named Doug Reneti, played by Jake Johnson, with the unconventional goal of creating the first erotic magazine aimed at women during the 1970s. Set against a backdrop of cultural change, the show explores themes of sexuality, freedom of expression, and the dynamics between gender and the evolving landscape of media. As the characters delve into this uncharted territory, their personal and professional lives intertwine, creating a narrative that examines the complexity of relationships and the changing societal norms of the time. Minx entwines humor with historical context as it showcases the journey of its protagonists through the challenges they face in bringing a bold and controversial idea to fruition. The supporting cast includes Michael Angarano, Jessica Lowe, Oscar Montoya, Lennon Parham, and Idara Victor, who contribute notable performances that enrich the show's multi-faceted storyline.
The first episode of Minx aired on March 17, 2022 and the most recent episode to air was on September 08, 2023.