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What is Monsters at Work About?

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Monsters at Work
Monsters at Work is an animated television series that serves as a direct sequel to the beloved film Monsters, Inc. This comedic show, set in the monster-filled world of Monstropolis, follows the adventures of Tylor Tuskmon, a recently graduated scarer from Monsters University. Monsters at Work takes place after the events of Monsters, Inc., when the power company transitions from extracting screams to collecting laughter. Tylor's dream of becoming a top scarer is suddenly in jeopardy when he discovers that laughter is what fuels Monstropolis. With the guidance of his experienced co-worker Val, and the support of his new friends like the mischievous mechanic Fritz or the enthusiastic cutter cutter Cutter, Tylor embarks on a hilarious journey to navigate the laughter-generating departments of Monsters, Incorporated. The show features a talented voice cast, including Billy Crystal and John Goodman reprising their roles as Mike Wazowski and Sulley respectively, as well as new and intriguing characters. Monsters at Work brings the humor, heart, and imaginative creatures that made the original film so beloved, offering fans an exciting continuation of the iconic Monsters, Inc. story.
The first episode of Monsters at Work aired on July 07, 2021 and the most recent episode to air was on September 01, 2021.