What is Nailed It! (TV) About?
Nailed It! is a comedic reality television series that puts a unique twist on the baking competition genre. Hosted by comedian Nicole Byer, Nailed It! brings together amateur bakers from all walks of life, challenging them to recreate extraordinary cakes and desserts. With limited time and baking skills, the contestants face a daunting task as they try to replicate intricate and often outrageous creations. The show's light-hearted and humorous approach celebrates the joy of baking while embracing the inevitable fails and mishaps that occur along the way. Each episode consists of three challenges, ranging from recreating iconic treats to tackling thematic masterpieces. The amateur bakers are judged by a panel of professional pastry chefs, including renowned chocolatier Jacques Torres. The judges provide constructive feedback but always with a sense of fun and encouragement. Nailed It! has become beloved for its entertaining format and the endearing personalities of its contestants. Viewers can't help but root for the underdogs as they navigate the complexities of baking, often resulting in hilarious and awe-inspiring creations. Whether you're a seasoned baker or just enjoy a good laugh, Nailed It! offers a delightful and enjoyable viewing experience that will leave you craving more.
The first episode of Nailed It! aired on March 09, 2018 and the most recent episode to air was on October 05, 2022.