What is Pardon the Interruption (TV) About?
Pardon the Interruption, often abbreviated as PTI, is a sports talk show that originally aired on ESPN in 2001. The show follows a unique format, featuring two hosts, Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon, who engage in lively discussions and debates about the latest sports news and events. Each episode is divided into several segments, with the hosts providing their insights and opinions on a variety of topics, including trending stories, game highlights, and player performances. Known for its fast-paced and energetic atmosphere, PTI has become a staple for sports enthusiasts seeking entertaining and informative analysis. The chemistry between Kornheiser and Wilbon has played a significant role in the show's success, with their banter and contrasting viewpoints adding to the engaging nature of the discussions. Pardon the Interruption has also featured guest appearances from notable sports personalities, further enhancing the show's appeal. With its engaging format and the expertise of its hosts, PTI continues to be a beloved sports talk show that captures the attention and interest of viewers.
The first episode of Pardon the Interruption aired on October 22, 2001 and the most recent episode to air was on April 17, 2023.