What is Praise Petey (TV) About?
Praise Petey is an American animated television series created by Anna Drezen, which aired on Freeform. The narrative centers around Petra 'Petey' St. Barts, a once high-profile New York 'it' girl who experiences a drastic turn in fortunes. The plot thickens when her mother informs her of an inheritance from her deceased father—a small, obscure town named New Utopia. Petey's arrival in New Utopia reveals her father's past as a cult leader, leaving her the unexpected task of guiding brainwashed townsfolk accustomed to his eccentric leadership. As the new figurehead, Petey must dismantle the bizarre practices ingrained by the cult, such as human sacrifices, and instill a sense of individual thought and normalcy. Throughout the series, characters like Petey's self-involved mother White St. Barts, the mysterious Bandit, and supportive townspeople like Mae Mae and Eliza provide layers of comedic and dramatic encounters. Despite being infused with humor, the series tackles the theme of managing newfound responsibility and the quest for identity against a backdrop of satirical takes on cult dynamics and societal conformity. The voice cast features talent such as Annie Murphy, Christine Baranski, and John Cho, crafting a distinctive blend of character interactions and story arcs. Praise Petey was aired during the summer of 2023 and concluded the same year after one season.
The first episode of Praise Petey aired on July 21, 2023 and the most recent episode to air was on August 18, 2023.