What is Robot Chicken (TV) About?
Robot Chicken is an American stop-motion animated sketch comedy television series created by Seth Green and Matthew Senreich. The show utilizes a mix of action figures, claymation, and computer-generated imagery to bring various toys and action figures to life. Each episode of Robot Chicken consists of a series of short sketches, ranging from a few seconds to several minutes, that parody various aspects of popular culture, including movies, TV shows, video games, and celebrities. The sketches often employ dark humor, satire, and pop culture references. Since its premiere in 2005, Robot Chicken has established itself as a cult hit and has received critical acclaim for its creative animation, innovative humor, and clever writing. The show has won multiple Emmy Awards and has attracted a dedicated fanbase who appreciate its irreverent, rapid-fire style of comedy.
The first episode of Robot Chicken aired on February 20, 2005 and the most recent episode to air was on April 11, 2022.