Shows like Seven Seconds
Looking for shows that are like Seven Seconds? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • True Detective image

    1. True Detective

    #107 most popular show yesterday

    This anthology crime series dives deep into the psychology of its complex characters while unwrapping gripping and intricate mysteries. True Detective will appeal to viewers who value the rich character development and intense narrative seen in Seven Seconds.

  • Ozark image

    2. Ozark

    #190 most popular show yesterday

    For those who are drawn to the darker side of society, Ozark provides a grim look at crime and family dynamics within the setting of a small town. Its narrative about moral ambiguity in the face of survival captures a tone that fans of Seven Seconds might find engaging.

  • Rectify image

    3. Rectify

    #1,658 most popular show yesterday

    Rectify follows the life of a man released from death row thanks to DNA evidence, exploring themes of justice and redemption. Audiences who appreciate the character-driven drama and moral questions posed in Seven Seconds will find similar depth and complexity in Rectify.